STD Testing

STD Treatment in Manhattan

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STD Testing and Treatment in Manhattan

STD Treatment in Manhattan

STD Treatment in Manhattan

If you are looking for an internal medicine practice that does STD treatment and testing, you should visit us at Soho Health – Fagelman. Our expert and highly trained board certified internist, Dr. Andrew Fagelman, offers STD treatment in Manhattan at our office.

At our medical practice you can receive complete STD testing and STD treatment in Manhattan. Many times STD testing is not automatically performed as part of a health exam. So we recommend, that you come in to see our doctor for STD screening. Our doctor will discuss with you which STDs you should be screened for at our office. At our office our doctor is able to offer many different types of STD testing. It is important to know which diseases you have been tested for, and which you haven’t been tested for. It is also important to know the last time you were tested. The type of STD screening that you should have depends on your individual risk factors, and on whether you are male or female. However, there are also some STDs that you most likely should be tested for every year. Before starting a new relationship, you may want to ask our doctor to test you for: Chlamydia; Gonorrhea; and HIV: Women should also be tested for cervical cancer using a Pap smear but guidelines have change and this is no longer recommended on a yearly basis. If you know you have been exposed to a particular STD, you should definitely have our doctor screen you for it. And, if you have symptoms you should be tested for Syphilis; Trichomoniasis; Genital Herpes; Hepatitis B; and for other STDs as well. Depending on your test results, our doctor will be able to provide you with appropriate treatment at our medical office.

For an appointment to meet with our expert and highly trained internist regarding STD treatment in Manhattan, simply contact our office for an appointment.

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