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Travel Clinic Midtown NYC

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Travel Medicine in Midtown NYC

Travel Clinic Midtown NYC

Travel Clinic Midtown NYC

Traveling is something that we all love to do. It’s that much-needed vacation from everyday life, and a chance to do fun things, see new, interesting, and exotic places. You may also have to travel for business. But as with everything, you have to be properly prepared. Here at Soho Health, Dr. Fagelman is proud to be your expert when it comes to determining the travel medicine that you require when you’re going outside the country.

All you have to do is come in to our travel clinic in Midtown NYC. As part of your consultation with Dr. Fagelman, you will be asked about where you are going and some of the details of your travel itinerary so that the proper precautions can be taken. Traveling to other countries carries with it a degree of risk. There are diseases that are common and typical elsewhere for which Americans are particularly susceptible. By knowing where you are headed, in terms of continent, country, and region, our travel clinic in Midtown NYC can evaluate your risk and recommend the appropriate vaccinations to ensure that you’re ready for your trip. If it’s somewhere that you have traveled to before, you may have already been vaccinated for the specific are you’re going. Of course, vaccinations do not last forever. They need to be re-administered or boosted after a certain number of years. By assessing your vaccination history, Dr. Fagelman can determine if you need additional action taken or not. In order to prepare you for your session here, you can fill out our travel clinic questionnaire PDF found on your website. We want your appointment here to be as efficient as possible.

Book a convenient time to come in to our office. Call us right now. Our travel clinic in Midtown NYC is prepared to help in every way possible.

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