Doctor’s Office in Soho NY

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Internal Medicine Services Offered


Doctor's Office in Soho NY

Doctor’s Office in Soho NY

Are you looking for an expert and highly trained internal medicine doctor whom you can trust with your health? If so, we know that you will be very pleased with the treatment and care you receive from our doctor at Soho Health. Dr. Andrew Fagelman is a board-certified internist who is able to provide you with the highest level of medical care. Dr. Fagelman is truly dedicated to the health of all of his patients. Our patients feel very confident with the treatment and care that they consistently receive at our doctor’s office in Soho NY.

Dr. Fagelman is thoroughly versed in providing health and wellness care for adults. This care includes prevention, diagnosis, management, and nonsurgical treatments of a variety of chronic health issues. Our doctor is an expert at the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Dr. Fagelman is able to treat a wide variety of medical conditions that are associated with the eyes, skin, heart, blood, kidneys, joints, reproductive organs, nervous system, digestive system, and respiratory and vascular systems. Whether you have come down with a bad stomach virus or are having problems with high blood pressure, Dr. Fagelman is able to get you back on the road to good health. He is also able to provide STD screening for patients. When you come to our doctor’s office in Soho New York your health will be looked at in terms of your overall wellness; Dr. Fagelman enjoys helping his patients learn how they can better take good care of themselves and reduce chances of problems from experiencing health problems related to chronic conditions

Our doctor is very effective in letting patients know about things they can do to be preventive and proactive about their overall health. At our medical practice, we try to show our patients how they can be active in directing their own healthcare. We also help our patients with risk factor modification. At our doctor’s office in Soho NY we are very happy to provide periodic physical exams for our patients, and stressed the importance of healthcare screening for many conditions such as high blood pressure. Our internal medicine doctor is also excellent at diagnosing and treating both acute illnesses and chronic illnesses. If you need the care of a subspecialist we are very happy to be able to provide you with a referral to another expert doctor who can help you with your specific medical problem. We also specialize in providing patients with the appropriate immunizations when they are planning on traveling abroad. For an appointment to see our expert internal medicine doctor, contact us today.

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