New York Travel Medicine

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Travel medicine in New York

New York travel medicine

New York travel medicine

Where is your next travel destination? Whether domestic or to an exotic foreign land, there are some basic precautions that should be taken in terms of your health. And that’s what we offer here at Soho Health.

For some of our valued patients, travel is purely for pleasure, and for others it is a regular requirement for business. But in either case, the risks and possible complications regarding your body are just as real. Our New York travel medicine means getting the benefit of our experience and expertise on this subject. When you come in for your visit to our office, bring your travel itinerary with you. In addition, your personal health history needs to be taken into account. For example a trip to Denver and its high elevation creates possible concerns for someone who has breathing problems. Other regions are known for high humidity and/or heat, freezing temperatures, or have indigenous plants, animals, or insects that could pose a threat. The concern might not be applicable to everyone, but it may be for you. That is why we tailor our New York travel medicine to your specific requirements. The same is true if you’re leaving the country. You might need to be immunized or have access to particular drugs in order to promote your optimal wellness. Even if you have had such vaccinations before, you may need a booster shot or to have it done again if it’s been too long since your last one. Some diseases are especially prevalent in certain parts of the world. And the people who live there could have natural defenses for those diseases, but you don’t.

Our New York travel medicine is exactly what you need to take advantage of before you leave for your next business trip or vacation. Contact our office today and let us arrange a timely appointment for you.

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