Oh my aching back!

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In today’s high-stress, high activity world, it’s no surprise that 31 million American experience backache at one point or another. In fact, back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide and one of the most common reasons for missed work.  At Soho Health, our board-certified doctor is highly skilled at diagnosing and treating back pain, with the goal of relieving symptoms and restoring you to pain-free living.

Consider this: Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on products and treatments to help alleviate the pain, and experts estimate that as many as 80 percent of the population will experience a back problem at some point in their lives.

The back is made up of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. You can sprain ligaments, strain muscles, rupture disks, and irritate joints, all of which can lead to backache. Sometimes, even the simplest of movements — like picking up a pencil from the floor— can have painful, long-lasting results.

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At our office, we will perform a thorough examination to determine the best treatment option for you. Backache can be more than just a painful annoyance—it can affect quality of life and lead to further complications if not treated quickly and appropriately. Visit our office for convenient, same-day appointments and prompt, affordable services. Most insurances accepted.

If you find yourself in a situation that requires immediate medical attention, Soho Health is here for you. We are committed to medical excellence in the treatment of non-critical medical emergencies. For more information on the services we offer, call us today.