Primary Care in Soho

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Internal Medicine in Soho

Soho Health is a primary care in Soho facility dedicated to providing patients in the New York area with the best in primary care physician services and internal medicine. Our physician, Dr. Fagelman, focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle for his patients and to provide them with care in a warm, friendly environment. We provide health and wellness care for adults, diagnosis and treatment of conditions, prevention and nonsurgical treatment of acute and chronic health problems.

Dr. Fagelman is a board certified internist who is an affiliate of Columbia University and a graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Medicine. He is an attending physician at NYU Medical Center and Beth Israel Medical Center. Dr. Fagelman is committed to providing the best primary care in Soho and accepts most insurance plans and provides services that many patients find are very reasonably priced for his internal medicine. We also keep patients involved in their healthcare decisions and educate them on care methods and treatment so that they can best make choices for themselves. Some of the key elements of our practice are: health promotion, preventive care, screening, physical exams, and risk factor modification. We can also refer our patients to a large network of sub-specialists that are in their immediate area and close by medical centers. We also serve as a teaching facility which trains students to become nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and physicians. We offer both pre-graduate and post-graduate training as well.

Besides health and wellness options, we offer vaccines, immunizations and we also treat conditions that are associated with kidneys, joints, skin, heart, blood and other organs. We perform STD screening at our primary care in Soho as well as guidance on mental health and preventative health issues. SoHo Healthy is a part of the Travel Clinics of America organization, which is committed to helping travelers prepare for healthy international travel. This involves advice about travel related disease, vaccinations that should be received before travel, and health risks that travel may pose in some instances. We also provide all pre-travel counseling onsite to make it easier for our patients to take part in the program.

155 Spring Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10012
(212) 343-0080