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Doctor’s Office in Soho

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Internal medicine in Soho

Doctor’s office in Soho

Doctor’s office in Soho

There is a reason that they call the doctor who specializes in internal medicine the primary care medical provider. Internists like the doctor at our doctor’s office in Soho, Soho Health take primary responsibility for the health and welfare of their patients. They are first line of defense and the last line of defense against disease and illness. The first line of defense because they are the first medical professional that their patient’s see when there is a problem or they aren’t feeling well and the doctor who knows their issues and problems and protects them through annual checkups and vaccinations. Internal medicine doctors are the last line of defense for their patients because in a world of medical sub-specialties the primary care doctor is the only one who is coordinating and watching over what all the other doctors are doing for his patient, as well as making sure that different doctors aren’t prescribing contradictory medications.

Our doctor’s office in Soho is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and equipment and is staffed with highly trained and compassionate professionals whose goal is preserve and enhance the health of our patients. Our staff takes the time to get to know each patient as an individual and not just an insurance number or a name on a chart. Our objective is the prevention, diagnosis, management and non-surgical treatment of chronic and acute illness. Our doctor believes preventing illness is better than having to cure it later, so our practice takes pride in offering advice to our patients in order to enhance their health. We will advise patients on lifestyle, nutrition, weight management, smoking cessation and a wide array of other health and medical topics. Our practice also helps people stay healthy through vaccines and immunizations as well as through comprehensive physical examinations for the early detection of potential problems so treatment can begin as early as possible.

Our doctor’s office in Soho diagnoses and treats conditions involving the skin, eyes, ears, heart, blood, kidneys, joints, reproductive organs and nervous, digestive, respiratory and vascular systems. If we cannot provide a definitive diagnosis of a particular patient’s complaint or a specific treatment plan our practice will refer the patient to a specialist in that area of the body and work with the specialist in resolving the patient’s condition. If you’d like to partner with a caring, state-of-the-art internal medicine practice for your health care needs please call our office.

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