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Internal Medicine in Midtown

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Same day care in Midtown

Internal medicine in Midtown

Internal medicine in Midtown

Colds and coughs can grind your productivity to a halt, and have you bedridden. Your schedule is way to busy for that, so turn to us at the office of Soho Health- Fagelman for prompt, same day care.

What are your symptoms? You might have a runny nose, stuffiness, frequent sneezing, or watery eyes, among others. Coughs can be mild to persistent to violent. Either may be accompanied by a sore throat. The simple fact is that you can never be 100% sure if you “just” have a good, or whether the problem is more alarming, such as flu, bronchitis, or even pneumonia. If you have an underlying issue, such as asthma or some other pulmonary condition, it is even more vital that you avail yourself of our internal medicine in Midtown NY right away. But regardless of that, even a cold without any other complications can sideline you for anywhere from a few days to a lot longer. When you have a cold, everyone avoids you. At work, you may even get dirty looks from people who don’t want to become infected. Instead of going to work, go to our office and benefit from our internal medicine in Midtown NY. As part of the diagnostic process, a determination is made, with the help of testing, to find out if you have a bacterial infection, influenza, or a virus. Each is treated in a different way, and to get the desired outcome quickly, it’s essential to identify the issue at hand. Among the possible treatments are antibiotics, but that’s only if your illness is bacterial in nature. If your ailment cannot be treated with medication, at least you can often get something to make the symptoms less obvious, and to help you sleep.

Call our office and arrange a time to come in for our internal medicine in Midtown NY. Remember, we’ll make sure you can be seen same day.

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