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Travel Medicine in Midtown

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Travel Medicine Services in Midtown

Travel Medicine in Midtown

Travel Medicine in Midtown

More than ever we live in a mobile society with people constantly on the move. Just a century ago most people never got further than 100 miles from the place they were born in their lifetime. Today, the average person freely travels whether it is across the country or across the world. With this freedom to travel and experience new cultures, customs and cuisines come a few problems that we need to prepare for before we set off on our trips. Different parts of the country and world have parasites, viruses and foods or water that our bodies may not be accustomed to and have less natural defenses to help keep us healthy. New York travel medicine can help prepare travelers for a safe voyage.

As a member of Travel Clinics of America our Soho Health practice of Dr. Andrew Fagelman, MD helps travelers get all the medical information they need about their destination, whether it is in the next state or on the other side of the world. Our New York travel medicine practice, like all the Travel Clinics also provide vaccinations needed for travel in other countries and offers medical care to travelers from other areas that find themselves ill in a specific place. There are Travel Clinics available in all 50 states as well as in most countries across the globe. Our main focus is helping our New York patients prepare for travel, especially international travel. During a pre-trip consultation Dr. Fagelman will discuss any pertinent information about your destination, advise you on appropriate precautions to take before and during your trip based on the local conditions and your own medical history. We can provide you with a referral to Travel Clinic locations near your destination. We will also administer any needed vaccinations.

When you come to our office before your trip please bring your itinerary with you as complete as possible with all your side trips and methods of transportation so we can give you detailed guidance on every part of your journey. Let our New York travel medicine practice be your medical travel agents to ensure a wonderful healthy trip no matter what the destination.

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