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Primary Care Doctor in Soho NY  

Do you have an exciting vacation planned? Have you finalized plans to travel overseas to visit the destinations of your dreams? It is an exciting time – there is so much to do. However, one of the most important things you now need to do is to make sure you have the right medical care and medicines before traveling overseas. When you need SoHo NY travel medicine, you will want to visit us at SoHo Health.

At SoHo Health our doctors provide patients with expert, compassionate care. Our doctors, Drs. Andrew Fagelman; Marianna Marcu, Kenneth Mark, and Michelle Luhan Nordberg specialize in many medical disciplines including internal medicine, dermatology, dentistry, nutrition, asthma, and allergy and immunology. Our practice is part of the Travel Clinics of America group; that means we specialize in preparing patients for overseas travel. When you visit SoHo Health for SoHo NY travel medicine, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your trip knowing that should there be a health problem, you will be as prepared as you can be.

Why is it important to see a doctor that specializes in SoHo NY travel medicine before overseas travel? Here are some important statistics: 50% of people who went to their primary care doctor were given the wrong medicine to prevent malaria; 25% of travelers failed to get the necessary vaccinations from their doctors, or equally bad, they received unnecessary immunizations; and Yellow Fever vaccination can only be administered by authorized physicians. At SoHo Health, we make sure that our patient travelers are well-prepared to experience safe and healthy international travel. During your visit to our practice, we will inform you of any potential health risks you might encounter during your travels. We will also give you preventive advice about overseas diseases, and make sure you are properly vaccinated to keep you safe during your trip. Not all doctors are up-to-date on all the health risks and problems associated with international travel, and it is critical to your well-being that you visit a doctor who can definitely provide you with the correct medicines and vaccinations that you need. So, if you are planning a great fun vacation, or an overseas business trip, be sure you are fully prepared: make an appointment today to visit us SoHo Health, and then have a great, fun, and healthy trip!


Primary Care in Soho

SohohealthNY Internal Medicine, Primary care doctor, Soho Health NY Blog, Uncategorized Comments Off on Primary Care in Soho , , ,

Internal Medicine

Having a primary care doctor is more than just a necessity for health insurance, but is an opportunity to forge an ongoing partnership with Dr. Andrew Fagelman. Together, you will work on strategies so that treatment is secondary and prevention of disease is the primary goal. Our primary care in Soho is committed to keeping you as healthy as possible.

As a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Fagelman takes a broad view of your overall wellness. This includes but is not limited to the diagnosis, management, and treatment of both acute and chronic health concerns. Our primary care in Soho also treats conditions related to our eyes, ears, skin, heart, blood, kidneys, and joints; the reproductive system, nervous system; digestive, respiratory, and vascular systems. Also covered are all vaccines and immunizations in addition to screening for STDs. This is your first stop and in many cases the only stop you will need to recover and maintain an optimal state of health.

To begin with, if you have not already done so, call us and schedule a yearly checkup. Our primary care in Soho recommends a complete physical exam annually to stay on top of all the important aspects of your health profile. This includes testing blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood gasses, and anything else that is applicable to your unique circumstances. You see, everyone is not the same and a one size fits all approach to primary care is not what we’re all about. Our strategy to keep you healthy is tailored to you as an individual. Should your physical exam reveal any issues that need follow up, Dr. Fagelman will meet with you to discuss the proper course or to refer you to a specialist if that is needed.

Of course, when you are not feeling well or you are experiencing symptoms, you should call us and schedule an appointment to be examined. The best way to manage your health is by keeping an open dialogue with our primary care in Soho. Don’t wait until a small issue becomes a big problem or until an ache becomes severe pain. Early detection and treatment is nearly always best.


Primary Care in Soho

Primary Care in Soho


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