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Soho Primary Care Doctor

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Primary Care in Soho

Soho primary care doctor

Soho primary care doctor

Good medical care means a lot more than just coming in for a yearly physical, as important as that is. In order to promote and maintain your long term health, it is essential to focus on prevention, wellness suggestions, and proactivity instead of simply waiting for a symptom to show up and then doing something about it. Dr. Fagelman, our Soho primary care doctor, will work closely with you as a partner in your health care.

It’s not enough to simply be experienced and skilled in internal medicine. Dr. Fagelman does meet that standard, but in addition, he continues his education above and beyond what is required, so he can bring you the very latest advancements in medical technologies and the most recent information related to your health. And because he is committed to his own education, our Soho primary care doctor is also committed to educating you on things you can do in-between visits so that you can experience the highest levels of physical well-being possible.

Have you ever gone to a doctor and felt as if you barely had a chance to speak before he or she stopped you? Many people have experienced that. Our Soho primary care doctor, though, pays full attention to what you have to say. After all, you know your own body and you can offer vital clues to what’s wrong, pointing to the best way for Dr. Fagelman to proceed. He also takes the time to explain things to you succinctly, pausing to allow you to ask questions so that you fully understand what is being discussed.

Don’t wait for your yearly physical to come in if you have a concern. Ignoring small problems tends to let them become bigger ones. But, of course, your annual checkup does allow our Soho primary care doctor to keep track of important information such as your cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure, noting changes that may occur from year to year to monitor for concerns that should be noted. For example, it’s useful to know that a key lab result may have increased incrementally for the last few years. The number itself might not be alarming, but the gradual jump could be. Dr. Fagelman looks forward to working with you and helping you to achieve and retain maximum health.

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