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Midtown NY STD Screening

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Screenings for STD in Midtown NY

Midtown NY STD Screening

Midtown NY STD Screening

Treatments for sexually transmitted disease (STD) has benefited from advancements in medical technology so that the outcomes are better and side-effects are considerably less of a factor. Most important of all, the stigma of having an STD is no longer an obstacle. At Soho Health, Dr. Fagelman wants you to feel completely relaxed and at ease. Our staff are experienced professionals, and you are not only in the best possible care, but you can count on 100% discretion when you come in for a screening and possible treatment.

Prevention is best, of course, and you should make use of condoms and other options that can reduce the chances of contracting an STD. But since no method is a sure thing, you can depend on our Midtown NY STD screening to give you peace of mind and to ensure a timely diagnosis if you do have one. Many patients still feel embarrassed to talk about this concern at a doctor’s office, but let us assure you that the consequences of an undetected and untreated STD are much more alarming than a temporary bout of awkwardness when you come in for our Midtown NY STD screening. Depending on the disease in question and the severity of it, your very life could be at risk if you ignore the problem. You may also want to come in as a precautionary measure. It is not at all uncommon for those embarking on a relationship to get screened simply to reassure a new partner. We encourage this. It’s responsible and it sets a tone of mutual trust and respect. Physically, it’s an easy process to get screened. It’s typically a simple blood or urine test, and in some cases a pap smear for women.
Contact our office today and set up your appointment for our Midtown NY STD screening. We even have a handy online service for that purpose so you can feel comfortable about it.

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Midtown STD Screening

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STD screenings in Midtown

Midtown STD screening

Midtown STD screening

If you are sexually active, there is always a risk of contacting an STD. And while using protection can greatly lessen the chances of developing one of the common sexually transmitted diseases, there is no 100% guarantee. Here at Soho Health, our Midtown STD screening will serve many purposes: it will give you peace of mind, help you to feel assured for both you and your partner, and promote early detection and treatment, so that you can avoid the worst consequences of such diseases on your health.

We understand that the subject of STDs is a sensitive one, and that you may feel awkward about bringing it. Let us assure you, though, that not only is anything you talk about with Dr. Fagelman private and privileged, but you will be treated with the utmost of respect. Furthermore, the onset and progress of some STDs can threaten not just your health, but your very life. That alone should be worth the discomfort of having that conversation. You may come in for one of a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are experiencing some symptoms that lead you to believe that you have contracted an STD. Or you may have had unprotected sex and are concerned. Still others come in for a clean bill of health, possibly at the beginning of a relationship. How is our Midtown STD screening done? Blood tests are very common for determining the presence of most such concerns. Urine tests may also be necessary in some cases, and women might have a pap smear as a way to reach diagnosis. And should you test positive for any disease, treatment options will be talked about.

Please call our office to schedule our Midtown STD screening. If you are embarrassed to talk about it on the phone, you can make your appointment for a physical and simply bring it up our doctor when you get here. What is most important, though, is to not put it off.

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