When is a sore throat more than just a sore throat?

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Sore throats are usually not a serious condition, but they sure are painful — causing you to feel sick over your entire body. That burning or stinging sensation is often accompanied by other ailments, such as cold, cough, fever, and various aches and pains.

When you need relief, Soho Health is here for you. As a comprehensive urgent care center, we know that sore throats often go hand in hand with a cough and are a frequent complaint for our patients. The fact is that there may be numerous causes for your sore throat and our physicians can help identify the source and get you feeling better. If needed, we can even perform lab testing on-site.

The overwhelming majority of sore throats are caused by viruses. Most are common cold viruses, but others include the flu, mononucleosis, and measles. The most common bacterial-based sore throat is strep. Sore throats can also be the result of noninfectious causes, such as allergies, smoking, and poorly humidified indoor air, which can all act as irritants.

When someone has a sore throat and visits our office, our skilled professionals will work to determine the underlying cause and assess for any potentially more serious complications — such as severe pain with swallowing, drooling and the inability to swallow, high fever, muffled voice and hoarseness, neck swelling, or breathing difficulties. These signs can indicate more dangerous conditions that may require aggressive treatment and follow-up care.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of a bad sore throat, Soho Health is here for you. Our experienced team is committed to medical excellence, providing efficient diagnosis and treatment for sore throat in addition to a full spectrum of non-critical medical emergencies. For more information on the services we offer, call us today.