Internal Medicine

Health and wellness care for adults, including prevention, diagnosis, management and nonsurgical treatment acute and chronic health issues Treat conditions associated with the eyes, ears, skin, heart, blood, kidneys, joints, reproductive organs and nervous, digestive, respiratory and vascular systems
Vaccines & Immunizations STD Screening
Provides guidance with preventative health, mental health and a variety of medical conditions

Travel Medicine

SoHo Health NY is part of the Travel Clinics of America organization.

We are committed to helping travelers prepare for safe and healthy international travel and provide all pre travel counseling onsite. During your visit, we will discuss any potential risks you might face during your travels, provide preventive advice about travel-related diseases and administer the recommended vaccinations for your destination. Our services are tailored to your specific travel needs.

You will find additional information specific to your travel destination on the CDC website: and fill out the Travel Clinic Questionnaire PDF: Travel_Medical_History Questionnaire.