Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Dr. Fagelman does ”travel medicine.” What does that mean?
Answer: At SHNY our goal is to help you stay healthy and safe while you’re traveling or living overseas. We offer a full range of services in one location. You can help prevent health problems before they arise by visiting SHNY before your trip. We offer medications, immunizations, counseling, and information customized for each patient’s health needs. This includes current reports about health conditions in countries worldwide for individuals, groups, and corporations.
Question: What vaccinations, prophylactic medicines, or other medicines do I need for traveling in third world countries?
Answer : These recommendations change frequently, and Dr. Fagelman is always current on the latest prevention and treatment recommendations for infectious diseases in third world countries. Click here for a complete list of destinations and vaccinations needed:
Question: If a patient is sick, how long does it take them to get an appointment with Dr. Fagelman?
Answer: Dr. Fagelman will always try to see patients with serious problems the same day they call the office.
Question: What happens if a patient has a medical problem during off-hours?
Answer: Dr. Fagelman has 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year coverage, which means that a call to his office at any time will be answered promptly. Patients may often expect a call back from him directly.
Question: Is it important what hospital your physician is affiliated with?
Answer: Your physician’s hospital affiliation is an important aspect of what his/her practice has to offer. Many patients, when asked with which hospital their doctor is affiliated, don’t know. Of course, when you are healthy, this may not seem like an important issue; but treatment of some serious illness can only be administered in a hospital setting. Dr. Fagelman is affiliated with NYU Medical Center and Beth Israel Medical Center
Question: Where is Dr. Fagelman’s office located?
Answer: Dr. Fagelman’s office is located at 155 Spring street between Wooster and West Broadway. The office is conveniently located, near all major forms of public transportation.
Question: Where did Dr. Fagelman go to medical school and receive his training to become a doctor?
Answer: Dr. Fagelman went to medical school at Buffalo Medical School in Buffalo, NY. This program is known for its emphasis on clinical training, and boasts a diverse patient population in various hospitals throughout the Buffalo/Rochester area. Dr. Fagelman completed his training in Internal Medicine at St. Vincent’s Medical Center.