Midtown Travel Medicine

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Travel medicine in Midtown

Midtown travel medicine

Midtown travel medicine

If you’re looking for an outstanding physician who offers Midtown travel medicine, you’re in the right place. Soho Health NY is a quality practice that is patient-centered, comprehensive and high quality. Our practice is committed to superior, patient-centered medicine. We offer personalized, compassionate and comprehensive care at Soho Health-Fagelman.

Soho Health-Fagelman is a unique practice that offers highly unique services and has a nonconventional approach to medicine. Our practice places the control of the patient’s medical care in their hands. We educate and inform them but allow patients to direct their health care. You’ll be in excellent hands at our practice. Our expert, Dr. Andrew Fagelman is a board certified internist. Dr. Fagelman and our qualified, highly skilled staff strive to offer our patients the access and the control they need over their own health care experience, in a warm, comfortable environment. Our motto is “the good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient” -by William Osler. We offer both Travel Medicine and Internal Medicine at Soho Health-Fagelman. Our Midtown travel medicine program is for our patients who travel. We are committed to our travelers to prepare for safe and healthy international travel. During your appointment, the doctor will talk to you about potential risks that you might face on your travels. Dr. Fagelman will offer advice for preventing travel-related diseases and will administer any necessary, recommended vaccinations. Our travel medicine services are customizable as we cater to the individual needs of our patients. We recommend that you call to book a consult to learn more about our unique practice, our specialty services, and how we can assist you.

To learn more about our Midtown travel medicine treatment at Soho Health-Fagelman, you should call our office at the following phone number: 212-343-0080. We look forward to your call and to assisting you.

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