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Asthma Doctor in SoHo

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Testing and treating asthma in SoHo

Asthma doctor in SoHo

Asthma doctor in SoHo

If you suffer with asthma, or think you need to be tested to see if you do indeed have asthma, you will want to come to our medical practice, SoHo Health. Our asthma doctor in SoHo, Dr. Andrew Fagelman, is a board-certified Internist who will be able to provide you with a precise asthma diagnosis, and prescriptions if necessary.

When you come to our medical practice with complaints of breathing problems, our doctor will first want to rule out any other possible conditions such as respiratory infections or other chronic pulmonary diseases. You will have a physical exam and our doctor will ask you specific questions about the symptoms you have been experiencing. Asthma is often related to allergies that a person may have, and can sometimes be related to a specific medical problem such as bronchitis. You may be required to have a lung function test which is used to determine how much air is able to move in and out as you breathe. The test may be as simple as using a peak flow meter which measures how hard you can breathe out. There are also other diagnostic tests which can be ordered. The doctor will be able to classify how severe your asthma is which will have a bearing on the type of treatment which will work best for you. The frequency and severity of your asthma attacks, as well as when you have them, will all add to your diagnosis. Asthma severity can change from time to time, and so can your medications. Asthma can be treated with an inhaler, or with medication which is taken orally in pill form. Our doctor will let you know which type of asthma medication will work best for you. If you are prescribed an inhaler, our asthma doctor in SoHo will give you information about how this is easily used.

For an appointment to meet with our asthma doctor in SoHo, contact us today. If you do have asthma, it is important that you receive appropriate medication, including a rescue inhaler to use for acute asthma attacks.

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